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Stockholmspolisens IF
Swim Club

Competition groups
Compete with us at SPIF Swim club!
Improve your technique in order to reach higher levels of competetive swimming
Motivation, discipline and ambition together with a high presence at practices as well as at competitions, are the keystones which enable our swimmers to develop and move towards higher levels in swimming. The competetive groups range from Simiaden Bronze, where the young swimmers are in the beginning of their swimming journey, to Championship Senior, which consists of talented and goal oriented swimmers that perform on a national level. We also offer the Masters groups, for those who want to keep swimming and competing as adults. 
See specific information about the competition groups under each group tab. To see an schematic overview of all the associations swimming groups and how a swimmer advances among the groups, check out our group structure. You can find information about our core philosophy and code of conduct here
 Group list:
 Simiaden Bronze 4 times a week 
 Simiaden Silver 4 times a week  
 Simiaden Gold 4 times a week 
 Championship Youth 5 times a week  
 Championship Junior 6 times a week 
 Championship Senior 7-8 times a week 
 Masters 3 times a week 
 Masters - distance competing only 
Please note that a membership fee applies for non-members. For information about membership and fees click here.
For general questions please contact us
For questions about a specific group, please contact the head coach for that group. Find details about every group by clicking on the group in which you are interested via the list above.
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