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Stockholmspolisens IF
Swim Club
Crawl Courses
Improve your crawl technique with Stockholmspolisens IF Swim Club!

High quality crawl courses for adults of all abilities 

For those wishing to learn frontcrawl or master the strokes technique, SPIF Swim Club offers a range courses for young adults and adults (18 years old or older). The program is run by experienced and knowledgeable coaches with competitive experience. Classes are taught on a weekly basis over the span of 8 weeks and divided in three different levels (step 1-3). Upon completion, swimmers have the opportunity to join our Pre-master group, which trains 2 times a week. 

For more information on our adult courses, please visit our Swedish webpage Crawlkurser.
There you find more information about the courses criteria and goals as well as our current group structure

Term fees

Crawl course step 1

 1 850 kr

 8 lessons

Crawl course step 2

 1 850 kr

 8 lessons

Crawl course step 3

 1 850 kr

 8 lessons


 2 400 kr

 16 lessons


 3 200 kr

 3 times a week

Please note that a membership fee applies for non-members. For information about membership and fees click here.

Contact and booking information

For questions regarding the courses please contact
To book a course click here!

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