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General information
2017-03-29 12:20
Stockholmspolisens IF has five different levels of swimming classes in the swimming academy program. For our youngest swimmers we offer basic training in the training pool. 

Our classes start every spring and every fall, sometimes we do offer intensive courses during the summer holiday. 
You can book our courses through the following webpage:

Age: 4-6
Prequirement: 4 years of age
- The child should be able to put its head under water.
- Breath in, hold your breath and breath out.
- Push from the wall and glide 5m with arms in a streamline position.
- The child is able to immerse themselves under water (including head).
- Jump from the side of the pool into the water.
Trainings: Once a week.
Pool: Training pool

Age: 4-7
Prequirement: Baddaren
- Floating 5 seconds on their back and then rotate to their stomach and float without touching the bottom.
- Collect an item from the bottom of the pool with both hands.
- Float 10 sec on their back. 
- Float 10 sec on their front.
- Underwater swimming for 5m with scissor kicks.
- 5m on the back with scissor kicks.
- Doplhin kicks under water 5m.
Trainings: Once a week.
Pool: Training pool

Age: 5-8
Prequirement: Sköldpaddan
- Jump into the pool in the deep end.
- Float 30 sec on their back.
- Swim 10m correct freestyle.
- Swim 10m correct backstroke.
- Swim 10m correct breaststroke.
Trainings: Once a week.
Pool: Competition pool

Age: 6-9
Prequirement: Pingvinen
- Swim 25m correct freestyle.
- Swim 25m correct backstroke.
- Swim 25m correct breaststroke.
- Swim 10m doplhin kicks.
- Push from the wall, glide, doplhin kicks for 10-15m.
- Dive from the block, glide in streamline 3 sec and do 3 doplhin kicks under water.
Trainings: Once a week.
Pool: Competition pool

Age: 6-10
Prequirement: Fisken
Goals: Technique groups
Trainings: Once a week.
Pool: Competition pool
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