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Frequently asked questions- Swimming school

When does registration for swimming school courses open?


Summer swimming school:
We are planning a summer swimming school during the summer of 2022, but we have not received times from the city of Stockholm yet. We recommend that you register your interest on our website to receive an email when its time to book.
Spring term:
On December 15 at 8:00 we open the booking for current members.
On December 20 at 8:00 we open the booking for non-members.


Autumn term:
On June 15 at 8:00 we open the booking for current members.
On June 20 at 8:00 we open the booking for non-members.
We recommend that you register your interest on our website to receive an email when its time to book.


I can not see groups for the period I would like to book on the booking page. What does it mean?


If you cannot see the group for the period for which you want to book lessons (eg Spring, Autumn or Summer), this means that these groups are not yet open for bookings. If you want an exact date, register your interest.


I did not get a place in the group I wanted - what can I do?


Unfortunately, we do not have a queuing system for the groups. If the group you want to book is fully booked, you have two options:

1) check our booking page regularly if someone has booked their place (it happens that people drop out)

2) register your interest through this form so that you can to get information about future bookings and more.


I have registered my interest by filling out the the form. What happens next?


Filling out an interest form does not mean guarantee a place or are in the waiting list in a particular; it only means that you will receive important information about future activities, bookings dates, etc. In other words, you would not need to regularly look for important information on our website yourself, but you will instead receive it from us via email.


Can I be in the waiting list for a particular group?


No, we do not have a queuing system for the groups. As mentioned above, you can instead

1) check our booking page regularly if someone has booked their place

2) register your interest through this form so that you can to get information about future bookings and more.



Why has my child been recommended to swim in the same level again?


Each child develops at a different pace, but it is common for children to be recommended to swim in the same level for longer than one term if they have not yet completed the criteria. If you have questions about your childs swimming development, please contact the responsible coach directly. Unfortunately the office staff is unable to discuss these issues with parents. 


Where can I see the group recommendation for next term (members only)?


To see the group that is recommended to your child, please follow the instructions below:

- Go to our website

- Click on ”Book a Course”


After you have logged in, the recommended group is displayed at the top of the booking page.


Which group is the most suitable for my child (new members only)?

To be able to decide which group is best for your child, please read the group descriptions and criteria available on our website at this link carefully (content in Swedish):


Simskola grupper 

Utmanaren grupper

Sim & Hälsa grupper



In which swimming halls do you offer swimming lessons?

We offer swimming lessons for children of all levels and ages at the following swimming halls:



Forsgrenska bath


The GIH bath


Västertorps Simhall

Skärholmens Simhall


My child has completed all levels of Polisens IF’s swimming school. What is the next step?


For those who have completed the swimming school program with us and would like to continue training, you have the following options: A) start with one of our Challenger courses or B) start with one of our Swim & Health courses. To find out which of the two options is best suited for your child, please check the level description and criteria for these groups on our website (content in Swedish):


Utmanaren grupper

Sim & Hälsa grupper


Who do I speak to if I would like to offer my feedback on the lessons?


All constructive feedback is appreciated by the club. We always strive to improve the quality of our lessons. The most effective way to provide feedback is to talk to the group’s responsible coach in person, by the pool, either before or after the lesson. In case your expectations were not met eventually, please contact us at


What should I do if my child does not want to get in the water during lessons?

It is common for swimmers to feel nervous during the first swimming lessons. We recommend that parents take the following steps to support their children if that is the case:


1-Arrive a little earlier for the training so that your child can feel accustomed to the pool environment.

2-Let the children sit at the edge of pool and just watch the pool for a little while; explain to the child that it is perfectly okay to do so. It is important that the child does not feel pressured to get in.


3-Always inform the responsible swimming coach about the situation and work with they to encourage the child.


4-As a last resort, you as a parent may be in the water during the lesson until the child is feels comfortable in the group. Please make sure to discuss this possibility with the coach before taking a decision. 


Please remember that, although the coaches will do their best to help a nervous swimmer, they do not have the possibility to help all swimmers individually;  we therefore ask parents do as much as possible to help their children to take part in the lessons.


How do I report absence?

Please contact if you know that your child will be absent from a training session. We pass on the information to the responsible coach.


As a parent, can I sit and watch when my child has training in the teaching pool?

We recommend that parents of swimmers in the groups Fisk and upwards to not sit by the pool during lessons. This is because the presence of parents by the poolside can be distracting for both swimmers and coaches.


For swimmers in Baddaren, Sköldpaddan and Pingvinen, parents can sit by the pool because their children are younger. However, be aware that it is important that there are not too many people by the pool.


We also ask you not to talk to the swimmers or coaches during the lessons. This can be distracting and also affect safety as the coachs attention should be on the swimmers throughout the lesson and the swimmers should be focused on what the coach is saying.


What cancellation policies apply to your courses?

All possible cancellations or requests for changes must be sent to For unsubscribers more than 7 days before the start of the course, the entire course fee will be charged, no refund will be made. Exception: in the case of a presentation medical certificate, a refund can be made.


Please note that the courses may be canceled if we do not have enough swimmers booked.


Do you offer private lessons?

We do not currently offer private lessons.

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